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Thank you for your contribution <3

Alpha Team Donation - It takes a lot of effort and man power to get our Alpha team to the playa first and build our camp before the gates open! Your donation goes to shelter, food and water for the build team.

MOOP Madness - The most difficult part of a large sound camp is the moop that is left behind after each party and at the end of the week. We understand as part of our responsibility to leave no trance we need extra man power, power tools and a very full truck of MOOP that has to make its way to the dump. Your donation goes to helping us have all the right tools to pick up trash and the cost of taking it to the dump.

Super Fan - We realize not everyone can support on a huge level but if you love our camp, party with us, lounge with us or enjoy our vibes and want to say thank you....every little bit helps and we appreciate you on all levels!


All of our fundraising efforts we partner with charities that align with our vision and support the local community. Thank you to everyone that attends one of our events. Not only are you helping us get to the playa year after year but you are also contributing to a great cause outside of Burning Man.

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